Tips To Help You Glow More and Stress Less

Tips To Help You Glow More and Stress Less

Is there such thing as the perfect body? The perfect look? Has social media created an illusion of what the perfect person looks like? What does perfect even mean? Although things like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat have opened up major doors for self marketing, it has also become the platform of competition, comparison, insecurity, self worth, and shame; brainwashing our generation to always believe they just aren’t good enough. The constant comparison to supermodels, celebrities, and the amount of pressure placed on how many ‘likes’ you get and how many ‘comments’ you receive could drive a young, already insecure girl insane!

Always freaking out about “oh she’s skinnier” or “her hair’s so long” or even, “I’ll never look like that” will only validate your negative vibration. Eventually, how you see yourself will be the ugly and worthless person you’ve imagined! No matter how amazing you look to others, you will still look in the mirror and see a fatty. This only leads to an imbalance in your stress hormone, an increase in your cortisol levels, and your body holding onto fat. What is taking the worst bashing of all? Your EGO, but unfortunately, it’s not that easy to lose. It’s never too late to start working on yourself, eventually getting to a place where you can let go as much as possible. Here are some mental, physical, and emotional ways to get back in the driver seat of your mind, body, and soul.


Our bodies are miraculously designed to survive. Therefore, when we freak out a stress response signal goes off screaming, “HELP ME!” Your cortisol levels spike and your body goes into “Fight or Flight” and holds onto anything necessary to survive what’s to come. Unfortunately, in this situation, the body will hold onto what will keep us alive the longest – FAT. So don’t freak out.

Meditate – Try to set aside some time daily to get a quick meditation in, or if you have the time, gradually increase your med sessions and involve a mantra or kriya. Focus on gratitude, self love, and create a relationship with the universe in which you know it will always have your back. Easier said then done, thats why you have to do the work.

Kundalini Yoga – Try a Kundalini Yoga class which incorporates breath work, chanting, mantras, postures, and movements to open up your chakras, release past trauma, increase awareness, grant intuition, and magnify your aura. If you live in LA, I highly recommend Tej at Nine Treasures Yoga.

Ashwagandha – An Ayurvedic herb that acts as a mild relaxant and helps keep your cortisol levels in check so that your stress hormone doesn’t rule your life. It’s really nice paired with Bulletproof coffee in the morning to help balance any overexcitement from the caffeine and also in the evening as a wind down to relax the nervous system and turn off the racing mind.

Eat on Time – Don’t wait until the last second to feed yourself and then stuff your face because you’re starving! Remember to eat fast absorbing protein right after your workout to replenish, and throughout the day give yourself a chance to sit down, chew your food and chill. Theres nothing worse than rushing around to auditions all day and then shoveling food in your face at the brink of a blood sugar crash! You’ll end up with a bloated and aching stomach, increased inflammation, and spiked cortisol levels holding onto all that you ate for survival instead of burning it for normal fuel.

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Work on that beauty from the inside out and build the confidence you deserve to have with the right foods that give you that vibrant glow. Stay hydrated with the right fluids and drink good quality water from natural springs like Shasta Water, while also cutting back on the cocktails, cigarettes, and toxic foods that are bringing down your vibration and aura (aka: drying out your beautiful youthful skin). Find a little more balance in your lifestyle which will make you adapt more so that you can manage stressful situations in a graceful manner. Your vibrant glowing aura will always win over your tarnished toxic beauty and you will also start to attract the right things in.

Aloe – Aloe will give a glow to your skin like nothing else! Buy the whole leaf, cut out the gel, and blend it up with any healthy beverage. You can also keep the leaves and use the inside gel topically on your skin. This plant is super healing and detoxifying. It will help to balance your ph levels and sooth your stomach lining, which is our power center. A weak core and naval point can easily be triggered by anxiety and now your whole day is ruined. Take care of that belly!

Liver Love – Love up your liver by juicing celery, cucumber, dandelion, parsley, ginger, turmeric, beet greens, and adding in some wheatgrass shots and E3 live will definitely do the trick. Remember to pair your green juice up with a good fat like sea buckthorn or mct oil to really absorb those fat soluble greens! Beets are okay too, but it’s better to eat them instead of juice them so you get the fiber to slowly release the high sugar content. Also, check out a formula called Liver Rescue by HealthForce which has MIlk Thistle and Chanca Piedra. Milk Thistle has the bioflavonoid complex Silymarin, the liver protecting compound present in the seeds that supports the detoxification and renewal of the liver organ. Chanca Piedra improves liver and gallbladder health while flushing the kidneys, so say goodbye to kidney infections and UTIs. The liver’s purity can be seen through the eyes and skin, so if you’re having trouble creating the glow you want, it’s time to give your liver a break! Emotionally, the liver can hold anger, jealousy and worry, so clean that gunk out to create a stronger, healthier and happier you!

It’s time to take the initial steps to improve your mental and emotional well being. Not only will you have a happy soul, but you’ll be rewarded physically, creating the vibrant, glowing aura and a newfound confidence that doesn’t need the validation of others. This is when you become really powerful. Stop comparing yourself to others, work on your self worth, love as much as you can, eat clean, stay hydrated, and you will adapt to stressful situations instead of your cortisol controlling you. Your body will stop holding onto fat, instead you’ll use it for physical and mental energy, creating a leaner you without ever concentrating on it. It’s time to celebrate your imperfect beauty, give your mind a break and let your aura shine so big that it fills the room and makes your Insta followers “like” your photo without even realizing why, ha! If you’re on a mission for the ultimate self improvement and want to learn more, you can also contact me by email at for a full consultation covering your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states and how to work them out. And follow along on my Instagram for the healthiest food porn imaginable! 

(*This article was originally published in Galore Mag on March 18, 2015)


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I listed to a podcast Recently about magnesium well you talked about magnesium and that you take a magnesium powder that has three different types of magnesium in it I would love to know what that product is thank you. I can’t wait to try your desserts

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