To be healthy does not mean you have to sacrifice flavor. This Anabolic Egg Nog Ice Cream is loaded with nutrient dense foods, packed with grass-fed proteins, metabolism boosting fats, and has absolutely no refined sugar! 

This holiday favorite is sweetened with Lakanto, which is a blend of Monk fruit extract & non-gmo tapioca derived erythritol. It is completely safe for diabetics as it does not cause any spike in blood sugar, and it's easy on the gut unlike other sugar alcohols. The best part is that it tastes almost identical to sugar and you can use it in a 1 to 1 ratio to sweeten all your childhood favorite sweets!

Egg Nog wouldn't be Egg Nog without the eggs, and you might be thinking...don't egg yolks have a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol? Yes, they have both, and that's the best part! The fat and cholesterol from good quality pastured eggs are essential building blocks to optimize your hormones. These fats help strenghten your HDL, while not causing a rise in your LDL, which is the best of both worlds to keep your hormones strong & your heart healthy! The yolks are also full of a complete B vitamin profile that we heavily lack in our diet this day in age.

Egg Nog Ice Cream Benefits

20 plus grams of protein
B Vitamin Rich
MCT oil to boost metabolism
Zero Sugar
Vitamin & Mineral dense
Tastes amazing!
Easy to make in Vitamix!

Make sure to watch the Video for a step by step guide in making this delcious Ice Cream! The recipe is below! Enjoy!

Happy Sugar Free Holidays!!!


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Drew A January 02, 2017

How much does this recipe make luv?

Laurie January 02, 2017

Just found you on Bulletproof Radio – Cannot wait to get my Lakanto! I’m already using most of the Bulletproof products, so I’m all in. Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe!

Oh, I almost forgot – sign me up for your newsletter :)

Tracy January 02, 2017

Lakanto’s website says the erythrital is from non-gmo corn.

Britni martinelli January 02, 2017

Is it okay to consume raw egg yolks?

michelle January 02, 2017

hey what could i use instead of whey/colostrum? I tried it without either of those as im dairy intolerant but it wasnt as creamy as im sure its meant to be – also the flavour of the lucuma/mesquite etc were too strong… any suggestions? thanks in advance!

Kurt Schiewetz January 02, 2017

This is the greatest recipe in the world. Holy crap man. So glad I went out on a limb and ordered all these ingrediants.

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