Crosby's Cookies "Eat Dessert Burn Fat"

Crosby's Cookies "Eat Dessert Burn Fat"

Crosby’s Cookies are sugar, gluten, grain and by request, nut & dairy free. They are packed full of protein, prebiotic fiber to help feed good bacteria, super-foods, and healthy essential fats that help you burn fat like grass-fed ghee and mct oil, or in Crosby’s case Bulletproof Brain Octane oil, which is 3 times more thermogenic than MCT oil.

Crosby’s Cookies are completely guilt-free but yet still taste like you are cheating. This is because of a zero sugar, zero glycemic sweetener called Lakanto, which is a combination of erythritol and monk fruit, both proven to not spike insulin levels or feed harmful bacteria. Crosby uses mostly coconut flour, but also utilizes special resistance starches, Tiger Nut Flour & Dr. Formulated Organic Fiber, that feed your good bacteria so it can multiply and create an even stronger gut biome.

Crosby also has recipes free or dairy and nuts, and will only upgrade his frostings with grass-fed first 6 hour milking colostrum powder to boost natural growth hormone levels, increase lean body composition, and improve immune function.

Crosby will be launching a baking mix soon, where you’ll be able to make all of his baked goods at home, from cookies, cupcakes, breads, mini-bundt cakes, the list goes on, and recipes can be altered with a couple different ingredients as long as you have the base mix. Crosby wants you to enjoy the process and know exactly what you are getting, so you can keep your cortisol levels in check, and savor a delicious treat with your family, loved one, or just by satisfying that sweet tooth all by yourself. Dessert should be celebrated, not stressed about.

Crosby’s Cookies are perfect for individuals on a paleo, ketogenic, or low sugar vegetarian diet. His desserts have become popular in the fitness world, amongst athletes, models, actors, and just people that want to curb their sweet tooth and still retain their ideal body composition. Crosby is working on making his desserts available through Kore Kitchen, a meal delivery service in LA, and you might start seeing Crosby's Cookies in local cafe's.

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Are you desserts ready for purchase yet? I have very bad tummy sugar sensitivity. But I crave sweetness so bad! I’m a recovering alcoholic and it’s so hard to refrain. I end up giving in and it effects me so badly.

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