Eat Dessert & Burn Fat Interview with Galore Mag

Eat Dessert & Burn Fat Interview with Galore Mag

We sat down with the ever so handsome, Crosby Tailor — creator of Eat Dessert Burn Fat, cookie genius, celeb health coach, and LA Model. Crosby bakes some of the healthiest treats that taste good AND look good too. We are lucky to have found him just in time for our Valentine’s Day sweet treat purchases. He shared some of his health & fitness tips just for our Galore Girls. Lucky us! Read his interview below.

What made you want to get into fitness?

Fitness has been a part of my life since I was a little kid. I grew up playing sports like basketball, soccer, and baseball and then picked up a football for the first time when I was a freshman in high school. Football turned out to be my favorite sport and by my senior season I had great potential for the next level and was recruited to play in college on a scholarship. Through the many strength coaches in college, my own research on training, and other mentors I took advice from when I got out of college, I “Tailord” my own workouts to lean up but still keep muscle density for modeling, which became the next chapter of my life. Over the years It has been a trial and error approach of what works best for me along with the right nutrition. I like to switch it up so on any given week I’ll go from a canyon hike one day to a gym lift the next, then maybe a cycling class or a body weight workout at the local park. Living in LA is such a blessing because on any given day theres a chance I can workout in the sun to get my vitamin D and a better sweat. And my newest obsession is Kundalini yoga at Nine Treasures where I get my workouts for the mind and soul.

Where did the idea for “Eat Dessert Burn Fat” come from?

Eat Dessert Burn Fat” transpired from a sweet tooth love affair from a past relationship. I dated a girl who shared the same obsession with desserts and health as me, so I was inspired to come up with different sugar free healthy sweets on a daily basis. My recipes started with different superfood ice creams, puddings, frostings, chocolates, and eventually lead to my best work which came out of the oven. I really had never baked before but as soon as I got the hang of it I started creating baked goods of pure orgasmic bliss. They were created around the idea of ketosis (zero sugar, low carb, higher fat, moderate protein) which turns the body into a “fat burning” machine instead of a sugar burner. Some ingredients were inspired by the Bulletproof diet and I actually use a lot of his products in the pastries like the Brain Octane Oil, which is an 18x concentrate of coconut oil making the desserts super thermogenic. My desserts are designed as a replacement for high sugar and starch desserts which will throw off your nervous system, blood sugar, hormones, and will cause you to store unwanted body fat. Instead, what you are getting is a dessert that trains your system to burn fat for its main fuel source, feeding you with good healthy brain fats so you can conquer brain fog, and supplying your body with the right energy to balance your hormones, enhance your vitality, give you a nice glow to your skin, and most importantly increase your libido:)

What is your favorite dessert?

My two favorite desserts growing up that my mom loaded with sugar, butter and flour were chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. I was such a pig when these came out of the oven and also super selfish making everyone wait until I got the cookies or pieces that I wanted first. So I had to make the healthy versions of these and even my dad said my banana bread was better, I agree, sorry Mom. Oh and my chocolate chip cookie bars with probiotic colostrum frosting are one of my best sellers.

How did you come up with the mix to create these yummy treats?

To be honest, I kind of had an idea of what powders to throw together but most of it was pure luck. Six months into the business I changed up the recipe a bit and threw in some new additions just based off intuition and made the best cookies I had ever made. Sometimes you just have to trust yourself and let things happen.

What 5 tips can you give every girl on how to keep the weight off and still enjoy the sweets?

  1. Stay away from processed foods and eat more whole foods. Try to keep it organic.
  2. Stay away from sweets that are full of soy! This is super estrogenic and will throw off your hormones causing unwanted weight gain.
  3. Eat on time and try not to throw off the body with too many fasts. Our bodies love routine especially when it comes to food. Try not to wait until the last minute, when your blood sugar is low and you’re about to lose your mind or chew off your boyfriends head. For your sake, for his sake, eat enough meals during the day and consistently. This will also balance your cortisol levels so you don’t go into stress response and hold onto unwanted weight, which is usually body fat. The body will hold onto what it needs to survive, and fat lasts the longest!
  4. Say bye to refined sugar. Keep your sugar consumption low! Some low glycemic fruits are fine, but stay away from refined sugar and instead replace them with natural sweeteners like Birchwood Xylitol and Stevia. Try not to juice fruit sugar. That is often used with the fiber that slows down the absorption of the sugar into the bloodstream, so stick with whole fruits. Raw unheated honey is fine every once in a while too. If you want to be hardcore about it, make Cookie Genius your main dessert so that you can have your cake and eat it too.
  5. Eat more good fat! When I say this, there are many different types of fat to eat, so try to get a nice balance of omegas, mono/poly-unsaturated fat and saturated fat. Yes, saturated fat. From where? Butter, egg yolks, coconut oil, and animal fats. But most specifically and very importantly, organic grass fed ghee or raw butter, organic pastured eggs, Mct Oil or Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil, and animal fats only from grass fed meats, wild fish, and pastured free range birds. These saturated fats are the building blocks of our hormones and body composition has a lot to do with how efficiently our hormonal system operates. Mct oil is highly thermogenic and will increase your metabolism, and ghee and butter are full of CLAs that will reduce body fat and preserve lean muscle. Then I recommend you balance this with monounsaturated fats like avocado, olive oil, and omegas from certain seeds like chia and hemp seeds. Don’t go too crazy on the nuts as they can be inflammatory and hard to digest, but a handful of sprouted almonds, walnuts or some macadamia can be a nice snack. Fat is your friend! Don’t be scared of it! Eat fat to burn fat!

What is your number one product?

The fan favorites are either the Aphrodisiac AlmondButter Cup cookie which is vegan or the Chocolate Chip CookieBar with probiotic colostrum frosting. Both are amazing so if you’re vegan don’t worry, my vegan treats are just as good! People really like my Marzipan cupcake too. It tastes just like an almond croissant. 

crosbys cookies


Where do you sell the cookies now and how can we get them?  

Right now all the desserts are available by private order and all of my contact info is on my site . I am really close to launching my first product that will empower everyone to make everything I make at home and get them fresh out of the oven! Once the mix is out, all of my videos will be released showing people exactly how to make everything at home, as well as all the recipes which will be made available through an online book or App. But if you’re one of the lucky readers living in LA, then look through my Instragram @crosbytailor and find what you want and send me an email with your order!

Aside from your desserts, you are extremely knowledgeable about health and wellness. We can’t wait to get started on your nutritional plan! How do you work? Are you available for consultations?

Yes! I love making desserts and seeing the joy in peoples’ eyes when they light up from my guilt free treats, but my greatest passion is getting people on track with their health and well being. I want to see people thrive in every way possible, so it’s all about tailoring plans around each individual because everyone is different and not one specific diet or fad will work for everyone. Each plan I create for clients is very tailored and will accent their goals and help them work out their own kinks. I want to empower people to make their own conscious decisions and learn how to feel good on the inside, enhancing their vitality and longevity, boosting their brain function to be quicker, making smarter decisions, challenging clients to live more from their heart, getting in touch with their divine purpose and spiritual path, and having all this new light translate to their exterior with the most beautiful smile, perfect glowing skin, and the most radiant magnetic energy. No matter where you are in your life, everyone deserves to feel this good and all it takes is a feeling inside of realizing you’re worth it. So once you’re worth it, contact me and let’s get started!


All of the above. Simultaneously. Now those would be sheets I wouldn’t mind washing.




(*This article was originally published in Galore Mag on January 26, 2015)


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David Vota July 31, 2016

I need help
I’m Bulletproof by day and after dinner, I fall apart. I need a no sugar snack to get me going for a few nights. It’s killing me. I need help.

Aileen Angellotti July 31, 2016

I am allergic to EGGS & NUTS so I have been trying to only eat vegan desserts. I have been vegetarian for the past year as I am trying to clear up my awful eczema/atopic dermatitis that i suffer from. I use plant based milk products & love sweets which is one of my downfalls. I am searching for sugar free healthy dessert recipes that I can make yet at the same time help with my eczema. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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