I “Shroom” everyday. No really I do…and although I have experimented with psychedelic mushrooms here and there to expand my consciousness, Im not talking about the magic of psilocybin, I’m talking about the longevity wizardry behind Medicinal Mushrooms. Medicinal Fungi are mushrooms that have the ability to produce medically significant metabolites that range from anti-viral, bacterial, fungal, microbial, to anti-tumor & inflammation, cancer fighting, cholesterol & allergy regulating, as well as anti-diabetic properties. Many of these mushrooms have been around for centuries throughout Asia, and have become a staple in chinese medicine and acupuncture formulas. There are so many medicinal mushrooms with amazing reputations to heal the body and enhance the quality of our lives, but I’m going to talk about my top 5: Reishi, Chaga, Lions Mane, Tremella, and Coriolus.


Reishi, also known as Ganoderma Lucidum, is probably the most quintessential immune system enhancing mushroom on the market. If someone could only afford one herb of all chinese herbs, I’d tell them to take Reishi. Back when I worked at “Dragonherbs” one of my senior herbalists and mentors, Susan, used to always say that Reishi should be put in our water supply. I’ve been using Duanwood Reishi for the last 6 years and I barely ever get sick because of the immune modulating benefits. Research shows that the polysaccharide beta 1-3, D-glucan in Reishi boosts the immune system by raising the amount of macrophage T-cells, which are the strongest defense against major autoimmune disorders. Reishi is also loaded with ganoderic acids, which experts believe lower triglyceride levels and remove excess cholesterol from the blood to combat cardiovascular diseases. I stopped taking my allergy medicine years ago when I started using Reishi because the lanostan in Reishi acts as a natural antihistamine. Reishi can do wonders for your stress levels by regulating your cortisol, having a mild tranquilizing effect on your nervous system, and improving your sleep so that your adrenals don’t ever feel burnt out. Its the perfect herb to take daily if you work in a high stress environment. I have recently fallen in love with Four Sigmatic Reishi Spore powder. The spores are produced in the Polypores tubes on the under belly of the mushroom and released through thousands of pores. The spores are far more potent than the fruiting body as they are super rich in triterpenes that strengthen the body, improve allergies and inflammation. I’ve been using around a tsp twice a day of the powder and it has really calmed my nervous system and reduced my inflammation.


The ultimate Chaga is believed to come from remote sub-arctic Siberian birch forests and Four Sigmatics Chaga is wild crafted and dual-extracted. Mushrooms are very fibrous so its very important to have a good extraction method to get the benefits out of these fibrous walls. Chaga, like Reishi, has amazing immune system enhancing properties and triterpene levels but its also known as an antioxidant powerhouse yielding an ORAC value of 153,200, next to acai at 102,000. Chaga is a strong antiviral helping to supress Epstein-Barr, Herpes, and keep other viral issues at bay. I start my day with a packet of Four Sigmatic Chaga in my Bulleproof Coffee for the extra antioxidants and immune system boost!


Lions Mane has been shown to be extremely successful in stimulating the synthesis of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). NGF is a small protein thats essential for the growth and maintenance of certain types of neurons. Without NGF these neurons would undergo cell death and your whole nervous system would crumble. As long as there is enough NGF in the brain then you will be ok, but the moment NGF starts to decrease you are in trouble because of the blood brain barrier. The blood brain barrier doesn’t allow too large of proteins to travel across this membrane, so there basically isn’t a savings account of NGF for the brain to tap into once it runs out of its normal internal supply. That was before they discovered the amazing benefits of the medicinal mushroom Lions Mane. Lions Mane possesses substances that stimulate production of NGF and also pass easily through the blood brain barrier. One substance, Hericenones, stimulates the brain to produce more NGF, while Erincacines is small enough to pass through the barrier to create new NGF production. Erincacines have the ability to run throughout the whole body producing more NGF, making Lions Mane a key substance for the health and longevity of your entire nervous system. The other amazing capabilities of Lions Mane range from enhancing memory, improving digestion and protection against ulcers, repairing the myelin sheaths to protect the central nervous system, lowering high cholesterol, and boosting cognitive function. If your focus is the brain and nervous system, then Lions Mane should be your “Shroom” of choice.


Tremella Mushroom, AKA “White Jelly Leaf Mushroom,” is prized as the most ancient mushroom for skin and beauty. The Imperial Concubine, Yang Guifei, was revered as the most beautiful woman in chinese history and she claimed her secret was the Tremella mushroom. In fact, Tremella’s specific polysaccharides have been extracted from the mushroom for use in cosmetic lines for its effects of skin moisture retention, skin protection, flexibility and flattening effects, and anti-inflammatory properties. Tremella has a cooling affect and helps to nourish the lungs, which helps provide more moisture and hydration to the skin. Beyond being an amazing beauty tonic, Tremella has strong antioxidant activity by enhancing the bodies free radical fighting mechanisms, superoxide dismutase (SOD). Tremella stimulates DNA synthesis in vascular cells to increase circulation in the body, and actually might be one of the strongest immune system boosting mushrooms as it ranked first and second in studies alongside other potent mushrooms. Lastly, Tremella has one of the highest sources of food based vitamin D. Per 100 grams. Tremella boasts 38,800 IU’s while Cod Liver oil was next on the list at 22,220. Most of us are Vitamin D deficient and don’t realize that it plays a a huge role in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, bone density, and protection against various diseases.


Coriolus, also referred to as “Turkey Tail,” contains high levels of beta-glucans to help stimulate the immune system. Coriolus holds major biological response modifiers called protein bound-polysaccharides, which are known as Krestin or PSK in Japan, and PSP in China. These substances have been extracted from Coriolus and used as medical treatments to boost the immune system to treat major autoimmune issues. Coriolus specifically treats viral issues like HPV, Herpes, and Hepatitis. I am not claiming that it cures these issues but instead it strengthens the immune system to help keep these conditions more controlled. Coriolus is also effective in cases of chronic fatigue syndrome, reducing phlegm, upper respiratory issues, urinary and digestive tract disorders. It can reduce the toxic effects and pain of chemotherapy, and has anti-tumor properties, much like the rest of the medicinally magical mushrooms.

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Thank you for bringing these mushrooms to my awareness, and for the 10% off.

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