Tips & Tricks to Open & Activate your Chakras

Tips & Tricks to Open & Activate your Chakras

Chakras are energy centers or portals along the spine from your anchored base root to the 7th chakra on top of the head. There are chakras that go beyond but these are the specific ones we utilize on a daily basis. Optimizing these chakras requires the clearing, opening, strengthening and balancing of them. This is a constant process because of all the different stressors we face that aim to block these channels, obstructing the natural flow of energy that wants to travel up and down the spine for optimal wellness. These blockages or imbalances can result in issues with physical health, emotional disturbances, as well as mental or spiritual evolution.

There are many different ways to bring balance back to the chakra system, from practices like kundalini yoga, meditation, healing modalities and sound healing therapy. If you live in Los Angeles I highly suggest Kundalini Yoga with Tej at For the most incredible healing and clearing of blockages in the chakra system check out my good friend . Last but not least, look into an expansive sound healing therapy with my brother from another mother, Antony Galvan at

However, I'd like to add my expertise with some superfoods and herbs that will assist in opening, strengthening, and enhancing your chakra flow. 

1st Chakra: Root Chakra

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, the tailbone, the pelvic floor. The root represents our sense of survival and security. If you constantly don’t feel safe there is a chance your root chakra is out of balance or blocked. For men, this can manifest with prostate issues and lower back pain while woman are more susceptible to water retention and constipation.

As men get older the prostate gland is something we need to pay close attention to. Inflammation or blockages in this area can cause impotence as well as difficulty in urinating. To combat these issues in a physical manner I suggest keeping a good prostate health formula around, I like Irwin Naturals Prostate Health. Incorporating pumpkin seeds or pumpkin seed oil, as well as turmeric and boswellia for inflammation, and stinging nettle to inhibit the ability for testosterone to convert to DHT. This is something that men definitely want to avoid because it also results in significant hair loss. If you have high testosterone levels it would serve you to always be on a good prostate supplement to reduce the conversion to DHT.

For women, I really love Sun Potion Triphala to correct issues of constipation and excess water retention. But it's also important to understand why you are holding onto water weight, which can also be a reflection of adrenal fatigue, or that the body is under constant “fight or flight.” Triphala is an Ayurvedic staple and is comprised of three bitter fruits in powder or capsule form. The powder by Sun Potion is a great little tonic to wake up to in the morning. Triphala helps aid digestion, cleanses toxins and strengthens the elimination process. As an astringent it helps retain the fluids in the body that it needs and releases everything else, thus reducing bloating.

2nd Chakra: Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra houses your creative and sexual energy. It's considered the relationship chakra and its associated with the sexual organs, large intestine, lower vertebrae and bladder. Blockages occur when there are feelings of sexual inadequacy, repressed creativity and even issues with financial power. People that aren’t comfortable expressing their true intimacy usually have blockages that can manifest into physical ailments. The two most common issues are bladder infections and low libido.

To physically restore the body back into balance and create a flow of energy into the next chakra here are a couple tips:

To combat issues of low sex drive I'm a big fan of a combination of herbs, aminos and trace minerals. Bulgarian Tribulus and a Chinese herbal formula called Rehmannia 6 will boost testosterone while also replenishing sexual fluids for men. Without adequate “Jing,” which physically resides in the sperm, the man won’t have enough sexual power and energy to perform. It won’t matter how much testosterone they are working with if their Jing tank isn’t full. This is also why as men age, they shouldn’t release their sexual fluids as much, in order to keep building their sexual and creative power. The amino acid L-Carnitine is also touted for increasing sexual fluids in men. Taking L-Carnitine will not only help you burn fat, but increase your sperm count as well. Men with higher sperm counts will also have more endurance and harder, longer lasting erections. For circulation, it would be a good idea to hop on some l-arginine to increase blood flow, but don’t forget its counterpart l-lysine to keep your immune system strong, as arginine has a tendency to feed viral issues and lysine balances these issues.

Its important to get adequate amounts of zinc and trace minerals in general in your diet as well. For this, I love any food based zinc supplement or Dr. Mercola’s Zinc. Zinc also help build back sexual fluids. My favorite trace mineral supplement is Shilajit and I really trust the Shilajit from Natural Shilajit. Shilajit boasts over 85 trace minerals, detoxes your body, increases stamina and endurance, rejuvenates the skin, and enhances libido in body in men and women.

The 1st chakra is covered with prostate support so that we don’t convert to DHT, and now we have the 2nd chakra being supported by increased libido function, circulation and we must not forget to control estrogen levels for optimal 2nd chakra support.

DIM is a plant based compound found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, and it aims to balance proper estrogen levels in both men and women. DIM, through its effects on estrogen metabolism supports testosterone by maintaining healthy levels of free or active testosterone in the blood.

For women, DIM is an excellent supplement to create a happy hormone foundation, balancing estrogen levels, and supporting breast, cervix, and uterus health. To increase the female libido its important to combine DIM with gelatinized Maca and Muira Puama. Whole World Botanicals actually sells a combination for women that has both maca and DIM, and their maca is top of the line. Maca decreases menopausal symptoms, improves sexual function and fertility, and is an excellent aphrodisiac for women. Balancing the female hormone system is everything for achieving an open flow of energy through this 2nd chakra. Muira Puama is an amazonian herb used to increase blood flow to the pelvic region to heighten sexual sensation and orgasm. When all these areas are covered you will have a happy, healthy woman ready to carry out her purpose with her most creative energy. Women are the complete opposite of men when it comes to orgasm, as men lose energy, women gain.

3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus

Solar plexus health has everything to do with your gut and it works the same for both men and women. The solar plexus is represented by the core of our body and personality, our identity, our ego. This 3rd chakra is the center of our self esteem, will power and discipline, and manifests physically in our digestive health and gut flora. Physical issues will come up in our digestive force and gut biome, as the small and large intestine, digestive system, and pancreas are mostly involved. When these systems are off you may experience imbalances in your emotions, mistrust in people, and might constantly seek approval from others because of a low self esteem. Its very important to start creating an inner eco-system that you can control and not that controls you. This first step is finding the right probiotic foods or probiotic supplement that works for your individual system. Saurkraut, cultured veggies and raw milk or coconut kefir can be great probiotic additions to your diet. Garden of Life has an amazing Dr. Formulated probiotic line tailored to each sex, as well as a prebiotic from acacia that acts to feed the good bacteria so they can multiply and eventually be the rulers of your biome. This will be the beginning in creating a balanced ecosystem that will allow for an open channel of energy to flow through. This gut microbiota will also help modulate your serotonin levels as close to 90% of your levels are produced in the gut. To balance a healthy positive mood its time to kick the refined sugar, and focus on a diet full of whole foods and beneficial bacteria.

To aid this system of miroflora, we should remain centered in our core, adapting to the ebb and flow of life, and I really love rhodiola as well as a formula by Dragonherbs called Will Power. Rhodiola Rosea is an excellent herb to adapt to stressful situations that would normally affect us right at the core of our gut. Rhodiola helps us sift through issues easier and control cortisol levels from spiking. Will Power is designed to open the penetrating vessel which runs through all of the major 7 chakras, and shows how important the abdomen or core of the body is in the chakra system. The main herb in this formula is Polygala, the love herb, as it connects and opens the flow of energy from the kidneys to the heart, uniting physical love with emotional love.

4th Chakra: Heart

The Heart Chakra is associated with the heart and lungs and its balances your ability to give love as well as receive it. If your heart chakra is blocked, you can have physical pain in the back and shoulders, as well as hypertension or respiratory issues like asthma, allergies or frequent coughs. The heart chakra is balanced through the foods of its chakra color...greens! Dark leafy greens, kale, spinach, chard, dandelion greens, and all the protective cruciferous veggies like broccoli and brussels sprouts will all activate and nourish your heart chakra. I would suggest taking it a step further and incorporating a great greens powder like Premier Research Labs - Premier Greens or Health Forces -Vitamineral Greens.

Another way to achieve cardiovascular health is through supplementation of hawthorn berry and kyolic garlic. Hawthorn can increase blood flow to the heart, improve the contractility of the heart muscle (which leads to a stronger pumping action), increase cardiac performance, reduce the workload of the heart, steady the heartbeat, as well as increase the hearts tolerance to oxygen deficiency, which may happen in stressful situations. Aged Kyolic Garlic is also responsible for cardiovascular health, and its important to make sure what type of garlic you get because not all garlic supplementation has the same effect. Kyolic Garlic helps improve blood circulation, blood pressure, balance healthy cholesterol levels, and homocysteine levels. Besides the fact that its a potent immune system modulator and always part of my immune boosting cocktail if I feel like Im run down or on the verge of getting sick.

We need to pay close attention to the heart chakra and bring it back into balance physically and emotionally. It bridges the gap between all the main energy centers and is the core foundation of why we are all

5th Chakra: Throat

The throat chakra is all about communication, speaking our truth, and our ability to listen. Holistically also known as the Thyroid Chakra, the 5th chakra correlates with thyroid issues, sore throat, and loss of voice, and is emotionally blocked by dishonesty and inhibited self expression. Foods that nourish your throat chakra consist of herbal teas, lemons, limes, and blue foods like blueberries and blackberries. Since the throat chakra effects the thyroid it would be beneficial to incorporate iodine rich foods into your diet like seaweeds. Instead of having a taco shell, pack your protein in a toasted nori wrap. Boil down some kelp noodles instead of regular flour pasta, and look into forms of whole food seaweed supplementation for the balanced iodine that your thyroid needs. We are constantly being bombarded by environmental issues, heavy metals, and toxins that are affecting our thyroid glands daily, so it would serve you to see if a good thyroid supplement would be beneficial. Premier Research Labs has an amazing product called Xenostat, comprised of concentrated clean seaweeds from bladderwrack to kelp, as well as chlorella to detoxify heavy metals. Some people might choose to only work on the throat chakra emotionally and mentally, which is completely fine and very powerful in it own, but if you feel the need to also support this chakra physically, then do your own research and make the best decision for yourself in this area as well.

 6th Chakra: 3rd Eye

The 6th Chakra has been my favorite chakra to work on lately, as the 3rd eye has everything to do with our intuition, manifesting power, insight, imagination, and psychic powers. The 3rd eye sits between the eyebrows and physically encompasses your pineal gland which influences your pituitary gland. A healthy, open 3rd eye has the ability to spark creative genius by uniting the left and right brain, where your dreams and reality can become one to create the life you always dreamed of. An overdeveloped 6th chakra can create a “know it all” type of attitude, and an underdeveloped one can increase one's fear of change, so its very important to balance this 3rd eye out.

First, we must physically decalcify the pineal gland to release stagnant, toxic energy and create a flow to better manifest what we desire. The number one thing that blocks our pineal gland is fluoride, which is in everything from tap water to of course dentist recommended fluoride toothpaste..haha. To dislodge all the gunk thats blocking our 3rd eye, I recommend this list:

Food wise, you can’t go wrong with raw apple cider vinegar for its malic acid, raw sugar free chocolate, garlic, and sea algaes for detoxification like spirulina and chlorella. Green Pastures sells an Organic Blue Ice Skate Fish Oil which detoxifies, decalcifies and nourishes the pineal gland. If you could only afford one supplement for this purpose, skate fish oil would be my top recommendation because of a powerful detoxifier called “Activator X,” which allows for the body to remove calcium from various locations like the pineal gland and main arteries. Instead of eliminating the calcium, activator x places it in areas where calcium is much needed like our bones and teeth. This substance was discovered by Weston A. Price and combines Vitamins K1 and K2. Beyond supplementation, I suggest taking a kundalini yoga class, meditating daily, and walking around with the tip of your tongue gently connected to the roof of your mouth. These practices will allow energy to travel freely through the chakras and into the 3rd eye for activation. Lastly, if you have a partner there is something known as the 3rd Eye Kiss, where you kiss the center of their forehead in between their eyebrows, with a thought of compassion for that person. It activates the pineal and pituitary gland and brings a sense of security and well being to the person. It can be very healing and this is mentioned in many ancient scriptures.

7th Chakra: Crown

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head, and it grants us access to higher levels of consciousness, but this can only be possible if we have a free flow of energy through all other 6 chakras. Its purpose is to get us in touch with the universe and realize that we are all one. Spiritual oneness is the goal of opening the 7th chakra. A blocked crown chakra results in limited spiritual growth and can cause one to go into isolation. Physical issues that may arise have a lot to do with the brain and nervous system. Everything from nerve pain, recurring headaches, insomnia and depression can manifest from an imbalanced crown chakra. Most of the healing work is done throughout the lower 6 chakras, and now its all about opening up, relaxing, letting go, and breathing in a violet light that you visualize traveling up the spine and out through the top of the head.

As the rest of your chakra system feels strong and your nervous system feels balanced, you can incorporate some fasting techniques or juice cleanses into your diet, which will benefit the crown chakra. In order to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, I don’t suggest juicing any fruits, instead stick to hydrating green juices, and cold pressed is always better as it doesn’t destroy the enzymes. Make sure to drink really clean glass bottled spring water, or even distill your own water and add trace minerals to it after. This is not a time to go crazy at the gym with high intensity workouts, but rather spend your time meditating, working on breath work exercises, and for exercise stick to a relaxed daily walk. Also, listen to your body and if you need to incorporate a small amount of protein or good fats into your liquid fast, then do so by making at least one tailored smoothie daily. If you aren’t vegetarian or vegan, I highly suggest adding some Bulletproof collagen to these shakes for a very digestible protein, smooth glowing skin, reduced cellulite, and to help heal a leaky gut. Speaking of healing a leaky gut, it would also be wise to have a cup of bone broth daily on this fast. Bone broth will cleanse the liver, rapidly repair a leaky gut, rid your body of chemicals, and reset your gut biome. Again, you have to feel nourished and balanced before plunging into the world of fasting or else it can do more harm than good.

To stay in a very zen meditative state, pick up some Shen Building Reishi Mushroom, which will not only relax your nervous system and modulate your immune system, but will enhance your experience of opening up the crown chakra channel. Dragonherbs carries Reishi in capsule form as its staple Duanwood Reishi, as well as a liquid tincture of Wild Reishi which has more Shen boosting activity.

I have personally benefited from all these ideas and modalities, but please do your own research to tailor your own approach and make the best decisions for yourself. We are all such different creatures and are forever mutating and adapting to our surroundings, so take what feels intuitively right for you and apply it to your life as you’d see fit.


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I love the way your write, its never boring. Thank you so much for sharing all of this information!

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This is great! Thank you for writing about chakras and ways to support them through nutrition. I struggle with so many of mine and I’m excited to give some of your suggestions a shot!

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